Tailored Tuesday Mantra: Growing Up

Peace, Love and Healing friends. Happy Tuesday! Part of growing up that scares the crap out of many isn't the idea of becoming older but growth that comes with age meaning new wisdom and lessons to be learned. What I've learned and continue to learn is that my purpose will always change as I grow older and as I grow in life. The goals remain the same, but the purpose in each phase of my life have grown and changed but always encompass helping others. Two years ago, I realized that I lived twenty-seven years without knowing what it really meant to love and take care of myself. I realized I took good care of myself—on the outside. On the inside, I buried vulnerability. 

I played the resilience card. I sought out quick-fixes. And I convinced myself I was okay. Somewhere along the overachieving path of seeking perfection and always looking into the future, I lost myself when these labels accumulated. Humans are amazing, though; we adapt, we heal, we are capable of growing stronger. 

When we acknowledge that changes, challenges, and hardships are there to deepen us, to remind us that we do get second chances, and that we are each made up of love, compassion, and healing, something remarkable happens.I began fully acknowledging the present in its entirety—every aspect, including the playful, joyful moments, and the uncomfortable, challenging ones. When we take the time to re-connect with ourselves, replace our fears with trust, and learn to let go of the things we cannot control, this is taking care. When we listen to our intuition, embrace all of our imperfections, and stay authentic to who we are, this is taking care.When we discover our interior barriers and find courage to dissolve them, this is taking care.

When we ground ourselves in the present and make mental space to find clarity, this is taking care.Put yourself first, do what makes you happy and keep it in perspective. Look after yourself first, because only then can you attempt to take on the rest of the world.