Red Wine or White Wine: What should You Be Drinking?

Wine is one of the oldest fermented drinks making it one of the more sophisticated beverages both in history and variety. Recent studies have even praised wine for its health benefits. While there are many types of wine, many of us tend to classify them grossly into reds and whites because of their color. The major difference between the two are in the process of making them. White wine is pressed immediately, while red wine is left to sit in order to allow the tannins, proteins what give the red wine their color, to precipitate. This process allows the wines to differ in not just color, but taste and texture. So which wine should you be drinking?

For Your Health

While red wine has historically been shown to be heart healthy, recent studies suggest that white wine is also good for you. In addition to preventing heart disease, red wine can strengthen your teeth, help you sleep and even helps prevent breast cancer in women. Meanwhile, white wine can be just as great for your heart and is also packed with antioxidants. While the benefits differ, the general guideline for on glass per day applies to both color wines.

For Your Meal

While the rules for serving wine with your food aren’t set in stone, general guidelines do exist to help you maximize the flavor of your wine and your food. Red wines are generally paired with dark meat while white wine is often paired with poultry and fish. Although, when it comes to food pairings the taste of the wine its self takes precedence.

On a warm day

When the temperature spikes, the cool, refreshing whites are more appealing. Unlike most reds, white wines like chardonnay are best served cold. Because white wines tend to be more fruity in flavor, chilling them will improve the flavor and make for a delicious cool treat.

On a cool day

Conversely, if the weather is on the nippy side, a red wine like a Merlot can be just the thing to warm you up. Red wines are best served at room temperature and are great to have handy throughout the cold seasons- or if you don’t have access to a cooler.

See Beyond Color

While red vs white is a major classification for wine, both reds and whites come in a variety of flavors. There are sweet reds, just as there are earthy whites- so it is best to avoid judginga wine by its color. While both wines have their place at the table, and in your cup, the ultimate decision is yours- as it should be. Most wine drinkers do not consume the beverage for its benefits, but rather because they enjoy the taste of that particular wine. With both types of wine having their benefits, you really can’t go wrong as long as you drink responsibly.