The US Finally Involved in Venezuela Crisis

US Troops have been deployed to Caracas in response to the crisis in Venezuela. The once stable country declared a state of emergency last Tuesday after months of tension between the President Nicolas Maduro and the opposition. The country, whose wealth is primarily based in oil, has been rapidly declining over the past three years.

In a recent conference, Venezuela was declared by the US to be a threat to national security as well as charged with violation of human rights, and its officials charged by US attorneys for drug trafficking. The US has imposed various trade sanctions on the Venezuelan government, including the Executive order of 2015 “Blocking Property and Suspending Entry of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Venezuela.” While the Venezuelan government denies the charges, tensions between the US and Venezuela have been longstanding.

After the death of former president Hugo Chavez, the country has suffered from economic, political and social decline. While Venezuela is rich in oil, it lacks vital resources like water supply and medicine. With the drop in oil prices, this fairly well off nation began to fall into a state of economic turmoil. Shortages of food and essential items increased over the past three years along with crime. Popular opposition to the government has been increasingly vocal, causing civil unrest and leading to a number of arrests.

The current state of affairs has effected the country both physically and psychologically as protestors have failed to gain the necessities that the Venezuelan people need for survival.