What you need in your refrigerator VS what you don't.

Refrigerator is a special cupboard, stocking all your favorite foods. Offering a perfect solution for your stomach all day long, it is nothing less than a surprise box with tons of goodies. Think about your midnight craving and you will find yourself walking towards this giant provider, hoping for some interesting items to satisfy your hunger. 

So let us look at the contents of this magic box. What items should make home inside your refrigerator and what needs to be kept away? 

Things you need in the refrigerator: 


This definitely needs to be explanation. A universal requirement across all age groups, your refrigerator must stock milk always. Whether you pair it with cereals for breakfast or drink it as a cool beverage, you will need it. Milk of any kind (low fat or whole) that is pasteurized in the traditional way using high temperature, short time technique needs to be refrigerated. On the other hand, milk treated by ultra-heat pasteurization technique can be stored outside on shelves for 2-3 weeks until opened.


Carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, parsley, cilantro and spinach can be stocked in your refrigerator and used for your meals. Use it for a salad or toss in other preparations, these vegetables prove to be healthy and tasty. 

Dairy products (Butter and Cheese)


These are another important emergency food items for any part of the day. 

Organic foods

Organic food items such as kale, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, beans and acai should be refrigerated after cleaning them thoroughly to increase their shelf life. 

Things that you don't need in the refrigerator:


Such as bananas, any kind of melons, pineapple and mangoes should not be refrigerated as it spoils the taste


Tends to dehydrate if stored in the fridge

Coffee (both beans and grounded)

May spoil inside a refrigerator with change in texture and taste. 


Should not be refrigerated as it tends to crystallize.

Potatoes, onions, garlic and tomatoes 

Ready to eat frozen pizzas and meals

Are not healthy option for the body, instead you must cook fresh quick meals when possible or grab it from outside.