Best Way to Get Rid of the Flu and Food Poisoning

Being sick is no fun, but it happens to the best of us. Whether you are facing the flu or food poisoning, take these steps to aid recovery and get back on your feet.

Call Off Work

No one likes losing money, but a day of sleep will help you much more than a day of sloughing through work, or running to the bathroom if you have food poisoning. Science says you are most contagious right before, and several days after you start showing symptoms- so save your coworkers the trouble by taking a day, or two, off.

Embrace the Fever

A low fever is good- it’s a sign that your body is fighting infection. If you let a low fever run its course instead of reaching for over the counter drugs, you should see a faster recovery.


Drink plenty of tea and water. If you have food poisoning, carbonated water with ginger and lime or lemon can help settle your stomach and keep you hydrated. When you are throwing up, you lose more than water, so make sure you are drinking something with electrolytes.

Steam Congestion

If you are severely congested, steam is your friend. You can take a hot shower, or boil some water and put a towel over your head to create a mini sauna.


If you are throwing up, make sure to rinse your mouth frequently as the acid that is coming up from your stomach can damage your teeth. If you have the flu, gargling salt water can help your throat.

With proper rest and care you should be on your feet in no time. And on the bright side, you have an excuse to lounge around and binge watch Netflix and catch up on sleep.