3 ways to master the ‘power nap’

Sleep is truly the most essential component of our lives. While a ‘good night’ sleep of 7-8 hours is necessary for an adult individual, power naps of short duration can work wonders too. As we cannot afford long hours of sleep in the middle of the day, we can definitely manage short breaks to instill that much needed power. Power naps are essential to regenerate new doses of energy and keep us charged till we drop into the bed at night. 

Power naps can do their wonders only if you know how to take them at the right time, in a right manner and for the right reason. Just lying around with eyes closed cannot do its job, unless we master the right technique of a power nap. 

Let us look at three useful ways to master this ‘break’ of the day: 

Create appropriate ambiance in a quiet spot

Power naps are meant for relaxation in order to reenergize your brain for the next course of tasks ahead. To fulfil this purpose, it is essential to choose a quiet, dark spot with minimum disturbance.
Switch off your cell phones or put them on silent mode to avoid disturbance by calls and notifications. As the duration of a power nap is short, it should not be hampered in any way. 

Set the alarm clock

Ideal duration of a power nap is 20-30 minutes. This short time can ensure fresh attitude after waking up. Longer duration can put you into deep-sleep, leading to lack of concentration and irritability ahead. In order to ensure this perfect duration, set your alarm clock after 25-30 minutes. Avoid usage of snooze button by placing your alarm far away from you. 

Put on soothing music

If you are unable to sleep instantly, you can simply close your eyes and relax. Power naps do not mean deep-sleep, they simply mean relaxing your body for productive work later. Put on calm, soothing music. Remove all thoughts from your mind and stay relaxed without any tensions.