Do you burn more calories running or biking?

Exercises and physical fitness form an integral part of our lives. Irrespective of age, gender, profession or lifestyle, it is important to keep our bodies fit. Be it cycling and weights in gym or fitness dance sessions such as Zumba, be it running or walking in the parks or strenuous exercises at home; physical fitness has to be our priority in every way. 

There is no universal system for exercises. As long as it suits your body, schedule and interest, you are free to adopt a fitness routine and stick to it always. Running is an excellent form of physical fitness as it involves multiple muscles of the body. Running in parks or along the sidewalks can turn into best source of oxygen, besides giving work to our muscles. Another form of exercise that can be beneficial is biking. As we bike along streets and slopes, we can definitely increase our stamina. 

So, if both running and biking are useful for our bodies, which form is more useful? In which form of activity do you burn more calories? 

According to a study in Harvard University, both biking and running are fast activities that burn several calories in a short while. As long as a person maintains fixed speed during the entire session, both these activities can solve the purpose of physical fitness. If a healthy person bikes at 20 mph for 30 minutes, he burns around 615 calories.

This rate of calorie burn is exactly the same as compared to running at 10 mph. One can choose either running or biking depending on their interest. As resistance of air can demand more calories, biking can be a quick, ideal option for weight loss. 

Many a times, monotonous fitness regime can turn out to be discouraging. This can be replaced by alternative sessions of running or biking as per choice. If you can maintain the speed, duration and enthusiasm throughout the session, you can gain maximum benefits out of these activities.