Porcelain veneers vs general cleaning

Teeth is undoubtedly an essential component of our body. It adds to the overall look of our personality, demanding attention every single day. Regular brushing, flossing and deep cleaning are some of the ways to keep it shiny and clean. We all know about the necessary role of our teeth, hence it is impossible to compromise about it in any way. 

A new trend that has caught up in the dental world is concept of ‘porcelain veneers’. Also termed as ‘dental veneers’ or ‘dental porcelain laminates’, these are thin wafer-like, custom-made porcelain shells, designed to cover the front of teeth. This adds to overall shine and appearance of teeth, making them look amazing.

It enhances the size, shape, color, length and look to provide you with the perfect set of pearls. This expensive trend that cost several dollars is quite famous among celebrities. Though many people dream about getting their own set of porcelain veneers, we decided to dig into some comparison. 

Can general cleaning serve the purpose of adding a shine to your teeth? 


General cleaning: Cleaning involves proper washing of the enamel, getting rid of particles stuck
within. It does not require any maintenance after the process and can be done frequently.

Porcelain veneers

As porcelain is a glass material, it is important to maintain it well. It can be sensitive to hot and cold as a thin layer of enamel is removed in the process. One cannot break hard nuts or chew on hard candies. 

Effect of the process
General cleaning: As it is a routine cleaning process, it can keep your teeth clean for several
months, bringing shine and color every time.

Porcelain Veneers

It is not a reversible process as 0.5 mm of teeth surface is removed. They can last for seven to twenty years, demanding rework once again. 

General cleaning: It is covered in most of the dental insurance plans. It is easy on the pocket,
while still offering the same effect of white pearls.

Porcelain Veneers

As it is considered as a cosmetic process, it is not covered in most of the insurances. Besides, if it is covered, it restricts to 50% cost only.

So, if general cleaning can ensure shine, color and glaze, one can definitely go for frequent cleaning process over porcelain veneers.