The difference between "doing" and trying.

We often use the word "try", when we attempt to perform a task, while being clueless about the outcome. Besides, it is commonly used as an excuse, when we want to ball out of an assigned task in a polite way. Trying can never lead to any results as it differs from actual work in numerous ways. 

Let us look as some differences between "doing" and "trying" to understand the right approach:


  • This involves performance and hard work as we troll to reach the end point 
  • When we do a job - there is planning, analysis execution and systematic approach
  • If the task fails at the first attempt, we can follow it up with another alternative, as we know about the shortcomings.                         


  • It involves excuses and distractions as one attempts to find a way out instead of working
  • There is no planning involved, leading to failed results every single time 
  • It lacks analysis and approach to lead to the desired result 
  • It often results in failure, as one does not believe in reaching till the goal 

Get over the excuse of trying and engage yourself in the real work instead.