Top 10 healthiest restaurants in the world

There is no doubt about the saying ‘Health is Wealth’. If you protect your health in the right manner, you can definitely enjoy every single day with greater doses of energy. This makes it essential to feed your stomach with healthy food. In today’s world, restaurants play a major role in our lives. As we tend to explore new cuisines and dishes in restaurants, we must know about the healthy options available for us. 

Let us combine our need for healthy food with the desire to enjoy it in restaurants and look at the top 10 healthiest restaurants in the world. 

The Veggie Grill, North America

Vegetables are undoubtedly the best healthiest foods for our body. The Veggie Grill located in states of California, Oregon and Washington serve wide range of vegetables in salads, bowls and sandwiches. 

Ninja Cut, Singapore

Healthy restaurants do not mean vegan or vegetarian options alone. At Ninja Cut in Singapore, you can try their healthy dishes of meat, beef and sea food along with fresh vegetables. 

Earth to Table, Sydney

This Australian restaurant is known for its raw, organic and vegan food options. They are also famous for healthy juices, smoothies and desserts. 

Sequel Bistro and Juice Bar, Mumbai, India

This gluten-free food hub serves healthy bowls, salads and rolls, besides juices and smoothies. It offers healthy preparations of vegetables and meat.

Great Eastern Food Bar, Johannesburg, Africa

Great Eastern Food Bar offers healthy food items inspired by the Asian style of cooking. With fresh and organic ingredients and spices, they serve best healthy dishes to their patrons.

Kilograma, Brazil

This healthy restaurant in Brazil is known for its low cost but high quality. Variety of healthy options in vegetarian dishes along with meat, sea food and chicken are their specialties.

Tender Greens, California

Los Angeles in California was the birth place of this healthy joint also located in Bay Area, San Diego and Orange County. They serve protein packed dishes, healthy salads and fats.

Rainbow Raw Food, Tokyo, Japan

It is known for its 100 percent vegan menu made with fresh organic ingredients.

Jar Kitchen, London

Healthy spot for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, Jar Kitchen specializes in creating novel dishes.

Hobbes, Paris

Well known for its healthy and tasty dishes, Hobbes offers some of the best burgers, salads, platters and desserts.