Jalil Peraza's Newest Project "Face Modules" Is The Future of Design

Imagine if you could create your dream retail space in the palm of your hand. Well, your dreams have been answered. Face is the new technology in the architecture market to help creators and builders bring their dreams to the forefront with minimal space. 

The project creates mobile predesigned models of structures that can be purchased directly from the site and delivered to the customer by truck within six weeks. The creators of the module hope to bring architecture to the general public in the coming years by making it more affordable and less intimidating for new business owners and entrepreneurs.

The structures can be altered to suit the specific type of business you are in. You can create an office space, painting studio, or a recording studio. All structures are equipped with sound design engineering. The base price for a nonsolar module is $19,000. 

The solar panel costs $2,400 additionally. Each structure is built, customized, and electrically wired. They can be moved from one location to another. Your pop up shop now has wheels. Your recording studio now comes to where the artists are instead of vice versa. You can take your own destiny into your hands without the hassle of a realtor, a landlord, or a commercial lease.

This can also be a good money making tool for those who are interesting in offsetting their current income with Airbnb. You can easily make back the initial investment or even join in with a group of investors to bring a new type of renting option to consumers. 

You can use it as space to hold classes if you were thinking about teaching art, ceramics, or even yoga. The creative geniuses behind the project are avid dreamers so they hope this gets your dreams up and running as well.

To find out more please visit the Face Modules web store.