Medicom & K.Olin Tribu Re-Release their porcelain BE@RBRICK

In partnership with prominent  toymaker Medicom, the French art group K.Olin tribu has formed a brand new porcelain Bearbrick toy.  It might resemble a blank Be@rbrick, but nothing can be further from the truth.

The “Bearbrick Porcelain 400%” is an original piece  with the impressions of Bearbrick, which has never been previously made in France. Totally hand made at the K.Olin tribu studio, every toy is one of a kind in its conception and artistry. Nonetheless, amidst all Bearbrick formation, one can still foresee the exact a quality on different pieces. Also, the awesome portions of about every item is that they’re all formed with 100% porcelain which is a new concept as well as having a special material utilized during partnership.  This feature simply originates the toy. 

Meanwhile all the antecedent teamwork has given them a showy variety of personalities, hues, and designs.  The influence of BE@RBRICK also got rid of all patterns leaving behind a totally black version of the novelty bear that comes with its own personal wooden crate for packaging.

K.olin Tribu has a habit of changing ideal vinyl toys into porcelain models with creations like Nathan Jurevicius' Bunniguru and Kozik's Potamus nether their belt. Likewise for their newest assignment, they're doing Japan's immense designer toy transports which are available as of today (made to order). They are also available at exclusive retailers like Caliroots.

So there you have it.  A simply executed toy bear that at as error, functions as an impeccable canvas for a countless multitude of skins. This is the reason that a seemingly infantile product has received so much recognition  starting from the hip and informed, casts,  and high profile names such as DRx, 2000, Romaneli. fragment design, A Bathing Ape, Futura, fragment design.  Furthermore, toy has the interests of many of patent partnerships that involve Star Wars, Marvel of DC, Transformers, Sesame Street, the list appears to be never ending.