Durex Condoms Releasing a Jean Line

Durex, the well-known condom brand is set to release something entirely different- jeans. On March 22, Durex India announced that the company will be launching a jean line with the help of Ranveer Singh, a Bollywood star who may become the new spokes-person for the product, via Twitter. While the idea seems odd, Durex has certainly been looking to expand its brand. Meanwhile, the response has been mixed. 

Durex spokesperson, Rohit Jindal, sighted the need to realign with the needs of the youthful population as the motivation for launching the jean line. Jindal referred to the company’s dedication to creating a new, high quality product that will continue to uphold the Durex brand reputation. 

The results so far had been mixed. While some are convinced that this is a publicity stunt to help refresh the Durex name, others are amused at the prospect. Users took to twitter to taunt the idea with commentary and fun one-liners such as:

”Ribbed condoms are great. Ripped jeans too. Just don't mix up the two & get us screwed. “ posted by a used named Rifa.