Here's the Top 5 Ways to Crash A Party You're Not Invited Too


We’ve all been in that situation where we’ve found out about a pivotal party or event but did not receive an invite. Maybe you weren’t close enough an acquaintance to the host, or perhaps you were dis-invited due to social politics. Whether you were purposefully omitted or not, here are some surefire ways to crash a party with style.

1. Dress to the Nines


A tux wouldn’t make sense in every situation, so know your venue and be sure you turn heads in a positive manner. And unless you’re out for vengeance, it’s best practice not to outdo the host or celebrant.

2. Bring Wine


It doesn’t need to be top-shelf but certainly nothing cheap. Dependent on the situation, a cold case of beer could also do the trick. The point is to show up with a classy contribution to help ensure entry.

3. Timing Is Everything


To make a positive impact on as many attendees as possible, show up to the party when it is in full swing. If you show up too early or too late, you run the risk of being discovered as an uninvited guest. Also be sure not to be among the last to leave.

4. I’m With Him


Considering attending the event or party with a friend acquainted with the host or celebrant. If you have no tangential ties to the event, entangle yourself into a big group as they happen to enter to avoid attracting attention. 

5. Project Confidence


The best way to remain in good standing at a crashed party is to remain fun, polite and well mannered. Look like you belong. Learn names and show genuine interest in your newfound acquaintances. Above all, show graciousness and gratitude to the host or celebrant whenever applicable.

Following these tips should not only help you successfully get into a crashed party and stay in, but should expand your network and possibly win you some new friends!