Trans-American Eclipse Draws Crowds: The Event and Aftermath


 Millions of people were treated to a solar eclipse on Monday, August 21 with hundreds of thousands traveling to see the eclipse in its full glory. The rare celestial event was visible throughout most of North and part of South America and had been one of the most anticipated eclipse events in the country.

The event was celebrated nationwide by the public as well as the President of the United States, Donald Trump, who broke taboo by sneaking a few glances outside of his protective wear. 

A stretch of states from Oregon to South Carolina experienced a complete solar eclipse with several hundred thousand people traveled to the states in the path of totality. Hotel rooms and Air BnB’s were booked with some people even camping to catch a glimpse of the rare event.

This was the first solar eclipse visible in the US since 1979 and the first to cross the US continent in 99 years. Those outside the range of totality were still treated to a partial solar eclipse. 


Millions of specialized glasses were bought and distributed to allow people to view the event without sustaining retinal damage. Eye care professionals warned to the public to avoid looking directly at the sun and to use appropriate protection.

While many individuals were tempted to sneak a peek at the sun, President Donald Trump has been caught on camera looking up at the event without the aid of his safety glasses while a White House Aide shouted for him to look away. 

With the eclipse over, many are now returning home with a sense of awe and in a bit of a daze. Meanwhile, Astronomers Without Borders urging people to donate their eclipse glasses to countries in need and eye care professionals are urging anyone who thinks that they have signs of Solar Retinopathy to seek care as soon as possible.