How Much Sleep Is Enough?


The American medical journals tells us that sleep for adults should vary from 7 to 9 hours per night. Sleeplessness is becoming more and more of a problem in the U.S. with more people complaining about having sleeping issues than any other time in our history. Your body needs to rest.

We sound like your mother but it's true.

Think about our laptops and phones. If we leave home without an extra battery or a charger then we automatically change the way our day is going to go.

We know that we will need to boast our device and be one of those annoying shameless people asking to bum a charge in Coffee Bean. Our bodies are charged in Coffee Bean but by caffeine. We need the real battery to work for at least 4 hours to be functional. If we picture a normal day in American society- its hectic to say the least. If you live in a slower city then hats off to you but even those country folks are getting to bed later than usual.

We have longer days as a society. We add in time for Facebook and CNN. We add in time for the glass of Henny or Moscato. We are taking on way more roles than before so we struggle to stay in the time table.

11pm comes up way faster than it used too yet you still need to finish that brief, business plan, course, or chapter. The time table or body clock is called our Circadian rhythm. Its the internal stimulus that reacts and is maintained by response to light.

If you are up late into the night with your screen bright as if it's still daytime then you are telling your body its still daytime essentially. So when you look down at the corner and freak its 2:12am and you have a gym appoint at 6am, it is still going to take your body time to fall asleep. Its like forcing yourself to nap in the middle of your day.

The amount sleep that is enough varies from person to person. As an individual your Circadian rhythm will change as your life evolves. There was a time I was sleeping 4 hour nights and there were times where I was so depressed I was sleeping 11 hours out of the day.


Sleep is required for proper brain function. Your body speaks a language only you can understand. The issue with most of us is that we do not listen at all. There is a time where you feel tired and its OKAY to go to sleep.