The Key to Having a Healthy Long Distance Relationship


Relationships are hard. Okay you're going to fall in love anyway so let's just get that out of the way. Communication sounds like a broken record when we start to talk about relationships but it is actually all that we have.

Jimmy Carter sat with Oprah during one of her Supersoul Sunday events and he has been married to his wife for 69 years. I mean some people can't even make it 69 days or 69 weeks. He chalked it all up to how much they valued communication. When their careers would take them to different parts of the World, they would sacrifice to stay on the same page.

A lot of relationships are established at a point in your life that you felt very alone and someone came along and set your heart on fire. This is why a lot of relationships can stand the distance test but prolonged distance can become a commitment issue.

It's very hard to stay committed if you only have each other. A lot of couples who are seriously dating would get a pet to sort of ensure a secondary shared responsibility.

The first responsibility being to love and take care of one another. That makes long distance more achievable because you feel the greater need to maintain your bond in order to care for something else.

Relationships are fun

The long distance aspect gives an opportunity to get really creative. You can look at it as a way to experience a new way to love. The saying goes absence makes the heart grow fonder.

If you have to plan secret sexual excursions, they are bound to be more memorable than the after the club I don't even remember routine sex. Finding ways to stay committed to your relationship when you cannot physically maintain the bond can take you both on a new path to discovery.

Love letters become more fun to send than texts. Surprises become something much easier to execute. The time you do get to spend together is spent at a higher quality. You won't be distracted and you will build a stronger bond because of it.

The hardest part is maintaining yourself as a partner when you're partner is no where in sight. Behaviors are what get us into emotional issues. We have total control however.

Create a routine of some sort so that you have something consistent to look forward too. Communication is so easy these days it seems but because of the over abundance of sharing and commenting there is a social breakdown in person to person interaction.

Don't sext, but do what you need to do to keep the fire burning. Or sext, if that's what you're into but make sure it's done with your relationship in mind. Just in case you do get hacked you have a person that has your back.