Kanye West, Yeezy SZ3 and The Life of Pablo trilogy continues

Kanye West highly anticipated release of The Life of Pablo (T.L.O.P) crashed the Internet livestream via TIDAL at Madison Square garden on Friday. The show was scheduled to begin at 4:00pm Eastern standard time and fans were anxious for Ye's appearance. 30 minutes later, West entered the stage with his entire entourage and he opened the show with the god level track Ultra Light Beams. 

After the last 50 seconds of the track, a deflated curtain revealed 35 models on a center-block cube draped in Yeezy Season 3. Familiar faces of the youth such as Lil Yachty, Young Thug, J $tash, Amino Blue, and many more stood like portraits of art. The legendary super model Naomi  Campbell was staggered on the edge in luxurious black fur similar to a ring leader. Kanye's new creative muse, Ian Connor was also featured slouchy on the block and  smoking a cigarette unbothered. 

At the end of the church-like gathering, Kanye gave a speech about his accomplishments, love for his family, his wife Kim and a new interactive game he plans on releasing soon. But the show wasn't over yet. Ye pulled out the AUX cord and played new tracks by Vic Mensa, Young Thug Travis Scott and random songs from TLOP before exiting the arena. 

To stream the full album, head over Tidal to listen to the complete 17 list track.