A recap of Soulection X Red Bull Sound selects 30 Days in LA: Day 7 Gold Link

It's a beautiful Saturday evening in Los Angeles, California and I'm headed north on the 101 (to the Valley) for a meeting with the team. Around 4:20 p.m, my phone lights up and it's my homie (another fellow Director/Curator). We we're talking about some upcoming projects and he informed me that he may have a plus one for tonight's "Soulection" curated show partnered with Red Bull Sound Select 30 Days in LA at the Regent Theatre. This event, in particular, was partnered with Red Bull Sound Select and this is show 7 of there 30 days in LA run. He told me that it was going to be a very lit situation. I gave it a quick thought and replied with "Okay I'm down, let me know if you have the plus 1" He responds, "Doors open at 8:00p.m meet there at 8pm. Its suppose to hit capacity."

I figured both of us wouldn't be there at 8p.m. but I'm down to go. It sounds fun and I'll cover the event. It's about 5:00 p.m. now (I'm thinking about getting some work done here in the Valley then head to the show around 7:30).

It didn't exactly happen like that. I get a message from my homie saying he's at dinner with Paper Diamond and he would be arriving a little after 8:00pm, which was great news. Realistically I didn't see myself getting there at 8:00p.m. anyway. In anticipation for the show, I wanted to hear Gold Link's music. I came to find out, he surprised his fans and dropped his album "And After That We Didn't Talk" (via iTunes and Apple Music) one day prior to the show. (November 6th)

At this point, I heard some of Gold Links music while also being introduced to him as an artist. This is the album he played personally for Rick Rubin. I downloaded the album right away and started to vibe with his unique style that excels with progressive flows, tangled with streaming melodies and harmonies.

Now it's 10:00p.m. and I'm thinking where the fuck is my homie. He's not answering my text or calls. If anything, this could be a "roll something up and chill night" if I don't hear from him. Moments later, I get the call from him saying "meet me there," (Meanwhile I'm still in the Valley about 30 minutes away from downtown LA at this hour). I didn't trip at all. What was suppose to happen would happen.

Its coming up on 11:00pm. I arrived at the same exact time as my homie and everything has aligned from the start. We headed toward the front entrance of the Regent Theatre to see the crowd. An army of cops and security were standing outside. The RSVP list didn't matter anymore. The place was packed to capacity and they were not letting anyone else in.


Okay now listen closely.. I'm going to reveal some lesson on "finessing"


First things first:

Never take the first no for an answer. Hear them out and reassess the situation.


So here we are, at the front of the venue, being told to clear the side walk and keep it moving.


Second lesson when finessing:

Contact any higher ranking members you may know to aid getting you in. These people can also be referred to as the plug.


We keep it moving around the corner towards the back (obviously there were others thinking the same thing. My homie is Soulection affiliated, so he contacts a higher ranking member in the clan.

We're in the back being told the same shit, "it's at capacity).


The third lesson when finessing:

Stay calm, positive, fearless and don't worry. With this approach you will be where you want to be in no time.


Finally, a higher ranking member comes around the corner and the gates to heaven (back entrance) opened up.


The fourth lesson when finessing:

Don't think too much. When you see opportunities, don't be all in your head like you just took a dab of sativa.


The gates were open in the green room where we were suppose to be. From this point on, the night started to get lit. I grabbed two Tecates (one for myself and the homie). I'm surrounded by artist and producers. Most of them I wasn't really familiar with. I remember chopping it up with singer / song writer Jesse Boykins. I saw him the night before at Will I Am's facility (really cool guy). Good vibes flooded the room. I was handed a mixed drink, so now I'm double fisting. As I'm standing there, a guy (who's name I don't remember) rolls up with a stash of pre rolled blunts. We start kicking it and he passed me the L. Now I'm getting a lil cross faded. My senses are still heightened and I'm aware of the babes coming in and out.

By this point I have completely lost track of time. I hear the word spreading that Gold Link is going on next. The green room crowd started making their way out next door where the stage was. I swayed toward that direction. I'm cruising by myself now as my homie is on stage. Gold Link still hasn't come out. I proceeded upstairs into this small room to look for water. When I looked up, the D.C.native who put the city on his back stood right before me. Wale. I go straight for the water. Wale was with a small entourage and they proceeded downstairs. The entourage followed like pets. I eventually made it back down stairs and headed toward the pit area. Gold Link has now hit the stage. The kid brought the energy with him. The place was sold out and over maximum capacity of 1100 people. His stage presence was felt from the minute he stepped on stage.

The crowd was full of SoundCloud, Hypebeast music loving fans. Soulection has generated a cult-like following from their countless number of talented artist and radio show on Apple Music (which evolved from their radio show on Sound Cloud). The crowd was ready from start. Gold Link gave his fans what they wanted from previous tracks and his new shit. It had to feel good to have DC in the building with him. He brought out DC native Chaz French to rock with him. Later he brings out DAD (also known as Wale).The place was rocked out. I proceeded back to the green room before his set was finished. I was lit! The after party was in the Green Room for a bit. I witnessed Gold Link and the whole crew break out into an intimate performance when Bryson Tillers track "Don't" blasted through the speakers. What a moment to see. Now I'm being approached by some beautiful women (very thankful for their presence). It's time for the Uber back to Silver Lake. I'm done until next time.

To close, it what was a great night. Apparently Sango, Andre Power and more performed earlier. I missed all of that. What I did see, was a hungry artist by the name of Gold Link. He gave as much energy as the sold out crowd was giving him. This guy will definitely have a bright career. His sound is influenced by his surroundings, but he cultivated his sound and that gives him an identity musically. Its something refreshing and different. He's talented and I personally respect talent more than ever now days. We're living in a world where popularity is overshadowing real talent. I have a feeling Gold Link felt the same way after posting a picture on Instagram of himself and Wale on stage captioned: "Red Bull Soulection 11/7 will go down in history as 1 of the best shows of my life. 6,000 rsvp's in a 1100 cap room. All thanks to Joe Kay and a special thanks to Wale."

Hats off to Gold Link and Soulection for cultivating a movement that expresses soul, while providing a platform for artist to express their creativity. Soulection has a monthly residency at the Regent Theatre so be on the look out for more lit events.