Adele "HELLO" Review

Adele is at it again, making great music and pissing off Taylor swift fans. Breaking all kinds of records, statistical, digital and otherwise, with numbers so high.

I cant even begin to fathom what they mean, Adele has a bona fide hit on her hands-not exactly anything new for her. It’s incredibly refreshing to see work like this- artisans at the top of their game. So often, all the money, all the Kings horsemen, all the Kings men, can’t put the song/video/movie back together again. So often, the greatest collaboration of money and talent cant seem to get it together. But here, it pays off: this is art, this is a shining piece of our culture, our time, our rhyme and I, for one (as tiny as I am in the mix) am proud to be a teeny, tiny part of it.

Folks, this video and song is so freakin’ good that one can only sit, mouth wide open, in total awe. Pop songstress, vocals extraordinaire, classy, real, beautiful...what more can we say? This is Adele...

Muted tones, Adele enters a home and rips off covers from old furniture, starts a pot of tea.
Just when she’s sipping her hot tea, a black men enters, seems to be agitated. He disappears,
she looks through her mail, her papers. She’s on an old style phone (but it cant be a period piece since she just popped up a tablet) The black man walks away in the rain. They argue. He’s cooking; he’s smiling. Maybe he made her Jambalaya, years ago. Looking like Cuba Gooding Jr. In Jerry Maguire, he smiles, he’s charming- we know they were together. He’s pissed. He’s prayin,’ somethin ‘s goin down.  

She tried to comfort him, she’s breaking his heart. An old school phone booth in the Forest,
like Pinterst picture, covered in ivy or leaves. She asks “did you ever make it out of that town
where nothing ever happens?” and “so hello from the other side-I must have called a thousand times.”

Did she make it and leave him behind? He’s pissed, walking away in the rain again...Yes, for me,
this is a song about fame and how it breaks people apart. “The other side” is fame. Everyone wants it but not everyone is willing to leave that small town where nothing ever happens. The video is soulful, elegant and beautiful. The photography, direction, and set design are exquisite. It evokes a feature film, it’s deep, it’s dope, it’s everything. It’s...Adele. Taylor had her day. But the Lioness has arrived...and roared.

See the full video below here.