Bernie Sanders gets lit in the Hotline Bling parody on Ellen

If aliens came to this planet and you could only show them ONE music video what video would that be? If you're not immediately shrieking "hotline bling" then you are incorrect because Drake has single handedly become the iconic figure of both rap and pop culture he has meshed the two together into a synthetically beautifulanomaly.

So of course, if you're a 60 year old white man running for president and want to connect with the youth what's one thing you can use...Drake. You can use Drake. In yet, another effort to stay relevant and "get the young vote," Bernie Sanders made a parody of the "Hotline bling" music video, and it's... funny. Funny in the kind of way where I'm drunk on Christmas, watching my grandma try to be cool and hip, but it's embarrassing. So I'm trying to drink more to feel less. If being a viral video star is something Bern man wants to be then my man I applaud you, but you're just being extra and I was laughing at you not with you. See the parody video below.