Eminem exudes superhuman capabilities through music video "Phenomenal."

The song, which appears on the soundtrack to new movie Southpaw, is accompanied by a big budget video by Eminem entitled "Phenomenal". In this Eminem is a person with superhuman abilities that suffers from memory loss. The video opens with Eminem waking up in a hospital and trying to break out. He gets out from the hospital by kung fu-ing some security guards and comes out on the streets. He runs into a stranger (John Malkovich) on a rickshaw who seems to applaud his superhuman abilities. He tells Eminem to come back with him and 'finish what we started' to which Eminem asks who he is and what will happen if he didn't follow him.

The stranger replies, "You will fall". Unconcerned, Eminem takes a bike, showcasing more superhuman abilities and accidentally jumps into a car after flipping off of the bike as it crashes in slow motion, with an anonymous person (Randall Park) inside. He orders him to get out of his car after the person requests him to take a selfie with him. The adrenalating chase ends when Eminem falls from the helicopter down to the ground floor of a building which seems to be a stage having Dr. Dre standing at the corner saying, "Right on time". Eminem is then shown grabbing the mic and facing the lights till the camera shuts off. This video's powerful metaphors explain the fight Eminem may have attributed to overcoming obstacles in his own life and in Jake Gyllenhaal's character on the movie Southpaw.