Highly flammable Travis Scott and Kanye West releases official video for Piss On Your Grave

"My my my look at little Scotty now." Were one day shy of Halloween and the Rodeo still hasn't slowed down. As of today, it actually just started. The highly flammable T Scotty La Flame and Kanye West are back together to tear shit apart in the forest on their new track Piss On Your Grave

Visual genius, director, Nabil glitched through the edits, making the two juggernauts (draped in Yeezy outerwear) appear animalistic and warrior-like in their natural habitat. Niagra Falls meets Skull and Bones in 33 degree weather. The Legendary, iconic, music mastermind Mos Def also had a small cameo appearance to add to the grimy aesthetic. Remember: Realness comes in threes. Nabil's cinematography angles and movements resembles elements from Kanye's latest track All Daydirected by Steve Mcqueen. This video is amped up to maximum capacity and deeply coded precisely. These two individuals are in higher places now so no more fake handshakes and.."This one is for the executives. Fuck you and all of your relatives." Ye aggressively spits.

If you haven't purchased Rodeo yet head over to iTunes now and watch the video above.


Jamel Bullock