Joe Satriani Shows Keswick Theatre Fans Why He Still Is The Master of His Craft

While music has always been an endless ear candy enjoyment surrounding our everyday lives, we often have the tendency to dig just a bit deeper into a whole new spectrum of music that compels creativity and deep rooted guitar riffs that captivates a great melodic song.

For more than three decades, Joe Satriani has propelled himself in the limelight as a stellar musician and a well accomplished guitar virtuoso that have captivated fans worldwide. We admire guitarists for their contributions in great melodic solos or seeming less shredding abilities that transcend your imagination beyond descriptive thoughts.

As an established individual, Joe has collectively blended himself as a mentor many well off names amongst shredders and has shared the graceful stage with the likes of Chicken Foot, and has established a signature touring cycle with G3.

Despite his well-known popularity, many still are clueless to this guy really is and the talent his posses. Perhaps being stuck in a one world atmosphere might prevent a mind to wonder and discover a whole new breed of music that has enlightened millions of fans since his first inception with " Surfing With The Alien".

Thanks to the internet and social media these days music fans can always follow their favorite musicians and snatch up a handful of tickets for an upcoming Tour, just like many did at a recent sell out at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside Pennsylvania. Even before the show started the line was at the door and down the block, certainly gives you the vibe that it's going to be another spectacle of a show.

Like many artists today Joe is no stranger to a pre meet and greet for many air guitar heroes with the all inclusive prime seat to the show and a collectable laminate many of which had that seal of Satriani signature.

With no opening act on this tour, fans were given that warm guitar welcome during the opening set with the title track of his latest release " Shockwave Supernova". The second set featured a fantastic drum solo from Marco Minnemann and a stellar keys solo from Mike Keneally who also shares rhythm guitar in the touring element. Definitely unusual for Satch to work those into his set, a rarity for many artists to even do that anymore unless you are some prog rock prodigy outfit.

Music definitely intrigues the mind while watching twenty-four air guitar songs being performed center stage at Keswick during the Surfing to Shockwave tour. Hard to believe for the majority of the entire time everyone was sitting down, even with just a quick glimpse of the natural eye vision, numerous fans having a spectacular time playing air guitar and head banging.

Occasionally Joe would generate a gleaming smile and acknowledge the fans while throwing his right hand up into the air and pointing skyward significantly giving much love back to the audience yet still driving that pure adrenalinestraight through you throughout the entire show. With such a diverse catalog of songs shaping his career as a monumental guitar player, he left off songs from certain recordings while adding some older favorites like " Summer Song "  " Friends"  "Crystal Planet" " Flying In a Blue Dream", and " Satch Boogie".

Just two hours isn't quite enough as his catalog stretched beyond that of just key favorites that fans would easily know in a quick moment. However. with having a new CD out brings to the table some fresh paved songs collectively cementing a rock solid foundation worth of material that is nothing short of greatness live.

Satriani has never disappointed fans from the minute taking the stage at any given moment, fueled by passionate guitar licks and stellar creativity, making this the best show to date this year. For many intrigued by his talent over the years, Joe still recreates that nostalgic concert powerhouse entertainment loved alluring fanatics.

Set List:
Shockwave Supernova
Flying In a Blue Dream
Ice 9
Crystal Planet
Not of This Earth
On Peregrine Wings
If I Could Fly
Butterfly and Zebra
Summer Song
Drum Solo
Crazy Joey
Lost In a Memory
Keyboard Solo
Luminous Flesh Giants
Always With Me, Always With You
God Is Crying
If There Is No Heaven

Goodbye Supernova
Satch Boogie
Big Bad Moon
Surfing With The Alien