Lawsuits holds Kesha hostage from releasing new music

Really sad that one of the most promising Pop Artists of our time- raw, uncensored KESHA, has fallen into a legal quagmire that threatens to consume her. Known for TIK TOK and a video of that song displaying the outrageous party antics that has a typical middle American family dropping their dinner plates in shock, KESHA sang of “waking up in the morning, brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack.”

But now, the clock is TIK TOK-ING on Kesha's career. The court is barring her from recording music with anyone other than her former Producer, Dr. Luke, Kesha said in legal paperwork filed recently. The filings were in a suit Kesha filed last year that includes allegations of sexual assault and battery. The singer says that Dr. Luke, (Lukasz Gottwald) started approaching her sexually when he signed her at age 18, and that he forced her to get drunk and use drugs in order to take advantage of her. She also accuses him of threatening to kill her dogs and blackmailing his wife into having an abortion.

The case has become very complicated. Gottwald quickly countersued, alleging that Kesha has fabricated her claims so she can get out of her contract with his production company. But as for now, the contract remains in force, preventing Kesha from working with anyone but Dr. Luke -- which means she can't work. The most recent filings say that Kesha’s career will be "effectively over" unless the court grants an injunction allowing her to get out of the contract. Universal Music Group Distribution CEO Jim Urie filed an affidavit arguing much the same thing in September.

"She’s not been recording, touring, or able to market merchandise for nearly a year; an eternity in the industry," Urie said.