Moxie Raia premieres new hot song and music video for "How to Feel"

Moxie Raia's new song, How to Feel is out, a cool, chill song with moody beats. It's an ode to post modern love, a haunting look at relationship gone bad, gone cold. A wintry tale of woe, her enchanting voice woos us on to cathartic cleansing. 

How to Feel hits the emotional target for many of us- although romantic love has never been easy, adding the internet, Tinder, Facebook, et all, and their potential pitfalls and deceit only confuse the issue. Then add new gender-bender politics of what is male and what is feminism - and now even a story in Cosmo about a brother and sister falling in love; navigating the stormy seas of passion has never been more challenging. But that’s where Pop artist like Moxie, Taylor Swift and Adele rise to the occasion, emoting the things we’re all going through, trying to make sense of changing tides and wild rides.

Coming on the heels of one of the biggest Pop songs of all time, Adele’s Hello, and during the Holidays, it’s a worthy addition to the Pop mainstream. Moxie’s yet another bright rising star in today’s universe of talent. Let’s hope she keeps on track and continues to produce more great so ngs.

See these tired clothes / See these streets we used to roll Pass the happy home / Remembering the girl I used to know /See these flowers once in bloom /And I’m laid in the darkness /You’re as beautiful as us /While I learned in his target



Now I’m walking here on my own /Remember now what we used to talk / I set everything you said in stone / And that’s why everything I know was lost

I used to feel til it hurt to laugh /I found ecstasy in a tear /But now I don’t know, I don’t know I don’t know how to feel /I don’t know how to feel No, I don’t know how to feel,
There he took my hand /And he looked me in the eye /He said baby girl, tell me will you love me til you die
Then he laid me down, as imperial goddess /And I wore his crown, left everything I started...
Kiss you with fake passion/ Look in your eyes through opaque glasses /Touch you with the velvet glove /Tell you all I need is love"


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