P Diddy: MMM Album Review

It's 2015 and TBH the last person I expected to drop a mixtape or wanted a mixtape drop from, did lol. Guys Diddy (Is that his name now? Idk it's been like 10 years I could be wrong) dropped a mixtape. First off, who showed him how to upload music online. Second, I'm surprised it didn't come free with a purchase of a Ciroc bottle. But all jokes aside, its a banger. Yes by all sense of the word, it does go hard...as a workout mix.

This mixtape just lacked substance and that's not just me being pretentious, it's empty and comes off as a feeble attempt to stay relevant. The beats are fucking amazing and go hard in the paint I just wish they would have gone to better use than to this, a mixtape no ones raving about and I had to search on my timeline to find a link because no one relevant had retweeted it. How this happens when you have guests like Travis Scott, Future, Lil Kim, Big Sean, and Jadakiss to name some is beyond me. skip to "MMM" & "Working"