Rihanna's album ANTI is more than what meets the ear.

I have always perceived that for an album to be classified as "good" it had to have the ability to be able to be played from cover to cover.

Rihanna's new album "Anti," which was released last week, has had me literally doing jut that. I have listened to that album in its entirety 12 times this week, 4 of them being the day it dropped but only because I was at work and wasn't allowed to blast it for 8 hours. Every song despite how different the vibe might be from each other is able to seamlessly transition into the next one, what Rihanna has given us is a clash between Dancehall and R&B vibes. Certainly in music's current oversaturation of trap and really to be honest the absence of R&b from artists like The Dream and J Holiday it's welcomed with open fucking arms.

Three years passed, some god awful singles were released which thankfully weren't in the album, the artwork and title itself being revealed back in October, and then there were the keys that all served as clues to the album (which quite frankly I lost interest after the second one) We were tired of waiting and kind of beginning to think this album was never actually coming out and this was all an elaborate troll. Anti, needless to say, was worth the wait since it went platinum in 15 fucking hours. So what exactly is the analysis or breakdown of her album? Blatantly put if you are a fan of R&b this album went over extremely well for you song after song, if you weren't a fan then you know nothing and that's ok because we're doing just fine without your poor music taste and or opinion.

Anti is extremely not radio. What I mean by this is that this album isn't full of bangers that can become instant radio singles it's not your typical album and maybe that's what makes it in my opinion her best work. When an artist spends as much time as Rihanna spent working on this album (3 years) and presents this work to you as her fan fully aware of the fact it's not tailored for radio or for songs to be churned out into mere products by the industry, that is when you as a fan and they as an artist form a connection. In my humble opinion this album is Rihanna's best album to date, don't @ me.