When Wiz Khalifa grabs your soul with every caption.

Every generation has a poignant struggle they can all relate to, with Instagram being such a crucial part of our culture it goes without saying one of ours will most def be coming up with the perfectly composed caption for our social media pictures. This is perhaps more so with celebrities, while some celebrities have accounts ran by a team there are some real heads out there who be doing it from the gram all on they own.

Take for instance the ever so eloquent Mr. Wiz Khalifa. Just scroll down his feed about 6 pictures deep max. Not only will you be contact high from all his smoke filled shirtless pics, but you'll realize all his captions are the ramblings of someone fade AF.  In any case, this new wave of complex and ambiguous messages by celebrities (like Wiz Khalifa) refreshing compared to the other 90% of celebrities who post Fit Tea sponsored pics.