The rumors have been confirmed: Rihanna and Travis Scott are officially dating!


Stop whatever you're doing, take three deep breathes and exhale slowly. It has been confirmed, by multiple sources, that Travis Scott and Rihanna are officially dating! "OH MYYYYYYY OH MYYYY." The "Piss On Your Grave" X-Pac, "Pornography" rager has finessed his way up the totem pole.

The thunder cat Rihanna, 27, has showed up to four of Travis NYC shows while in town for NYFW. Can someone scream LOYALTY? No thottry BS allowed. Travis stated, "She is a cool chick who is talented, smokes weed and is amazingly fun and a machine when it comes to being sexual, what isn't there to like?" Talk about winning the lottery. La Flame is on fire and diamonds are meant to glisten in the sky indeed. If you haven't bought the album Rodeo, head over to this link now. ( Check out some pics of the two love birds below.