Top 5 songs from Drake "Views"

1. Redemption- This track gave me full nostalgia feeling to where I was in my life when Take Care came out with lyrics "why do I fall for women that need me to pick up the pieces" and Drake swoon-fully singing the bridge "oh please give me time while I'm searching for the words to say to you right now" wow, same very relatable to me post any argument with my girl. "Syd had a baby and treated me different, Erica sued me and opened a business" classic Drake, @-ing the women in his life who done moved on and as much as I hate to say it been there and was salty over that too.

2. Faithful- as soon as I heard the recorded convo between Drake and anonymous woman I was immediately sold also I got a very "purple kisses" by The Dream intro vibes. Which launched me have a very Mr Krabs discovery/woke realization meme moment and begged the question, did Drake take his intro ideas of having voicemail & recorded conversations with women as the opening for his songs?

3. Grammys- All you need to know is FUTURE, I can definitely see myself driving to this song. This is not a Drake and drive song but Drake driving in his Bugatti song, there's a difference.

4. Childs Play- "why you have to fight with me at cheesecake you know I love to go there." like honestly combining the two things that actual define me, my love for Cheesecake Factory and being psycho in my relationships

5. U With Me- singing Drake makes an appearance and he acknowledges fully that he's made a brand for himself. He sells nostalgia, "I made a career of reminiscing" he says and something everyone can relate to. Is Drake growing as a person by acknowledging his failure to move on time and time again or is he simply saying that if it ain't broke don't fix it? Who knows, but this song works.