iLoveMakonnen comes out as being gay

Hip Hop just got another hint of rainbow! One hit wonder Makonnen has decided to reveal his truth and say eff what they think. He took to twitter and announced to the world he's gay...Chile, he's about to make the gay clubs go up on a Tuesday!

Below Makonnen tweeted that he was a "fashion icon," which was a slight stretch..But at least he's happy with who he is. 

Now we all know that the hip hop game is VERY homophobic at times. 

However, Makonnen received a great deal of support from fans and hip hop veteran Joe Budden. But he wasn't alone. Earlier in the week, Chance the Rapper's brother, Tyler Bennett, came out as bi-sexual and received an equal amount of support from his fans and the LGBT community.

Some people find it extremely brave when a rapper reveals their true sexual orientation. The rap game is very hyper masculine with the gangster image and gangsters usually aren't gay! But times have changed for the better since most rappers have secrets anyways. They shouldn't be bothered. Young Thug is pratically out of the closet considering his sassy (mostly androgynous) style. Majority of the new rappers present today have eclectic auras, so its refreshing to see a LGBT rapper in the doing his thing.