Drake "worried sick" about Nicki minaj after breakup with Meek Mill

Drake and Meek Mill have a long history of Twitter feuds and it’s fair to say that real reason behind their beef is one woman: Nicki Minaj who Drake announced his love for once upon a time in his song “Miss Me”: “I love Nicki Minaj, I told her I'd admit it.”

Immediately after the relationship between Minaj and Mill had reportedly ended, Drake, being the sensitive guy he is, swooped in to be a shoulder to cry on. According to Hollywood Life, Drake has been “worried sick” about her and he has strived to be her “rock” through the breakup.

After years of beef, Mill has added fuel to the fire by challenging Drake to a fight for $5 Million as long as Minaj is the ring girl. Drake turned down the challenge and reportedly called Mill “a joke of a rapper”. Though Mill has never once hesitated to throw a punch at the rapper in the form of nasty tweets, Drake has generally refrained from making petty remarks. Drake has a more round-about way of getting under Mill’s skin like writing the diss track “Back to Back” after Mill claimed that Drake didn’t write any of his lyrics. Rushing to Minaj’s side after the split may be Drake’s ultimate power move.

Meek shouldn’t worry, because after Drake made countless headlines in 2016 with his relationship with Rhianna, and announcing his love for the singer at the MTV VMAs, and now sparking rumors about a very mysterious relationship with J-Lo (and a short-lived alleged relationship with Taylor Swift) it’s doubtful that Minaj would want to be added to the list of Drake’s short-term romantic partners.