Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy fight has officially been confirmed

Chile my IG timeline blew up back to back with Chris Brown vs the most irrelevant of irrelevant Soulja Boy.

Apparently this beef started on social media like the MASS majority of them all. According to Soulja Boy, he claimed he was trolling Instagram (as he usually does) and he liked a pic of a cute light-skinned chick by the name of Karrueche Tran. Chris Brown was enraged by the interaction and immediately called Soulja to get clarification of why he was “liking” his exes pictures. 

But it gets deeper..

Soulja Boy came for Chris Brown and called him out on his parenting skills and the (ultimate blow) old Rihanna scandal. Brown finally decided he had enough of the fuckboy tendencies and called for Adrien Broner to set up the ring. Which, technically, is the only way he give Soulja Boy what Rihanna got legally.

King 2 quarters (50 cent) initiated the idea of putting up “X”amount of dollars to promote the boxing match alongside his partner in crime Floyd “Illiterate” Mayweather. Mayweather is set to train Soulja Boy and Mike Tyson will be training Chris.  

Prior to accepting the challenge, Soulja Boy went to Compton to show his (cough* fake) blood affiliation and got his phone and chain jacked right away by REAL Piru's. This was a sign/summary from god foreshadowing King Soulja’s fate of losing the fight coming up in March.

All it takes is one left hook…My money is on Chris Brown!