Mariah Carey blames producer for disastrous New Years Eve performance

Chile, I was sitting on my coach on new years ready for the ball to drop and the queen Mariah to Slay!

Or so I thought… 

I know her voice isn’t as powerful and she struggles to hold notes. But the performance went south as soon as Mariah hopped on stage. She fiddled around with her earpiece, claimed it didn't work, and then blamed her producer for the train wreck show.

We all know shit happens and this performance shouldn’t discredit her huge catalog. However, this is not the first vocal snafu, so its basically ruining her career at this point. So if Mimi wants the shenanigans to end, she has to do this..

1. Fire the management team and STELLA.

She is unprofessional, demanding and pretty much uses Miriah for her own gain and star power! 

2. Cut all ties with LA Reid

Lets just face it..He’s not helping with any progression and she might be better off going Independent.

In all, Mariah just needs to a take a LOOONNNGGG break from singing. Or at least until 2017 ends. She can try to navigate through some other ventures in within entertainment, but no singing. Die hard, obsessed fans probably wont understand these requirements. But us real fans truly understand what needs to happen to bring her back to the light