Soundtracks N’ Chill


Sometimes work routine needs something a little extra. There are ways to keep productive: alarm checks every half hour to stand n’ stretch, complete silence with noise cancelling earphones, or listening to music. 

Whether you like listening to pop, jazz or hip hop, there is another music form that high performers are taking to: movie soundtracks. Hit music compilations from Steven Spielberg’s works or epic golden cinema classic tracks like the Lawrence of Arabia and the original Magnificent Seven theme tunes are a great way to get into the creative mood. 

So is discovering new sounds like Hans Zimmer’s Inception compositions and Video Game hits like the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt soundtrack. 

But taste and form is ever evolving. As Emerson said: Life’s an experiment. The more you make the better. And if you’re into soundtracks, then you’ll love the experimental rhythms being produced at Oxygen Sound Studios. 

Lead by CEO and Sound Engineer, Toby Craig, cousin of famed Bond star, Daniel Craig. The team at Oxygen Sound Studios in Berlin have worked on many creative projects. 

These include commercial advertising, audio tracks for film, producing for bands and solo artists, as well as game projects on PC, Playstation systems and mobile apps. They have also worked with stars like Matt Damon, Claire Danes and Christoph Waltz.

But a testament to their greatest works can be heard online by mining some of their free-to-play preview clips. Getting an idea of how they shape their sound, listeners should plug into ‘SALOMÉ,’ ‘Electro’ and their hybrid-classical electronic music in their Sound Cloud collection of music titled ‘Contemporary Electronic, Rock & Relaxed Genres.

Get your workspace ready then just plug in and play. You’ll be surprised. The reward: getting your tasks done as you forget the clock.