Migos "Culture" takes over the entire culture in one sweep.

You can say that since Migos' slide into the game earlier this decade, they've been one of the more colorful characters in the trap rap realm. Add to that their pop culture influence thanks to tracks like "Versace," "Hannah Montana," "Pipe It Up" & "Look at My Dab," and you have a group that knows how to infuse their North Atlanta lingo into everyone's vernacular. Co-signs from Drake, Kanye West & more recently Donald Glover has helped the trio's trip to the top but now with their sophomore album Culture, they could be poised to stay there.

Aside from the breakout hit "Bad and Boujee," Culture contains more of Migos' signature swag over infectious bass-heavy beats akin to many of their aforementioned songs. Joints like "T-Shirt," "Get Right Witcha" and "Kelly Price" immediately stand out while fellow ATLiens Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz appear on "Slippery" and Deadz" respectively, bringing the regional respect nearly full circle. The trapping references might not be in abundance like their previous efforts but they make up for it with kind of the braggadocio you'd expect from some young, rich.... you know the rest.

Now staring at number one on Billboard's Top 200 charts and a presumed uptick in late-night show show appearances, culture shock is the last thing these three will have on their minds.