Top 5 trashiest rappers in the game right now

The days of well made lyricism and good story tellers from artist such 2Pac, B.I.G, Eazy E (etc) are completely gone. This day and age is all about mumbling catchy phrases for weed, pussy and putting a trap style beat on top of it. So with all being said here's a list of sucky rappers who aint got no bars or are one hit wonders only.

5. Desiigner

Lets start this off with one hit wonder Desiigner. He’s the perfect example of being inspired to jock Future’s style of mumbling. The biggest shocker is that Designer’s song “Panda” topped the charts higher than any of Future’s songs this past year. Simply because…People probably thought it was FUTURE to begin with. He has the energy of a kid with ADHD and when he's not on stage, the mumbling also transitions to interviews, lunches, and other normal day activities. Like most up and coming rappers, he’ll wear out his one hit wonders and make a bunch of mixtapes

4. Tyga

These days Tyga is known for his barely legal girlfriend (we all know who she is) and his constant car repos. Tyga actually had a promising career before he became a Kardashian by Association and step father to his own child (Rob and Blac Chyna). Back in 2011, his hit single “Rack City” elevated his career to new heights. But as time went on, his new releases weren't top charting successors and no one gave a damn about his other projects. So he quickly became irrelevant until…the “beautiful Jenner” pulled him back up.

3. Kodak Black

With a criminal record longer than his discography, Kodak is one of many underground Miami rappers, who actually got a record deal with sucky music. He has a huge southern fanbase, but he is mostly famous for his legal issues, suspect quote about black girls and THAT hairstyle.. Not his music.

2. Blac Youngsta

Yo Gotti’s artist, Blac Youngster is a walking robbery waiting to happen. He is known for flaunting his cash on social media rather than making any music. His music is trash, so we know most of his checks aren't coming from raw talent or singles.  

1. Soulja Boy 

Yeah everyone did that silly dance back in 07, but Soulja Boy tops the list of sucky rappers. Although “Crank Dat” is one of the most digitally downloaded itunes track of all time, its a suprise that he's still relevant. However beefing with R&B Artist and fake reality TV (Love and Hip Hop Hollywood) shows keep his image up to date. Anyone wanna hear his new unreleased music? No…