Cheers to the top 5 managers to ever touch the music industry

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In today’s fast growing Industry, we give all of the recognition to the artists, but what about the people behind the music?

With managers from Scooter Braun to Mike WiLL Made-It, these men have accomplished lifetime success through their representation of some of our favorite artists today.

 Most of their steps are documented everyday on many famous social media platforms and they continue to prove their recognition in the game day by day. Now what’s recognition without a learning a little about some of their surface level success? Let’s begin with Scooter Braun. 

Scooter Braun

Scooter Braun, 35, has successfully grown into the category of “Top Managers,” in the business whilst representing four of his most prominent artists, including Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Martin Garrix, Kanye West (and newest artist Moxie Raia). Braun discovered a 12-year-old Justin Bieber via Bieber’s famous “Ne-Yo” cover on YouTube. Along with that success, he went one to own two record record labels, School Boy Records and Raymond-Braun Media Group (RBMG).

In 2016, not only did Braun begin to co-manage Kanye West alongside West’s long time rep, Izzy Zivkovik, but he also was awarded with “Best Talent Manager,” at the 3rd annual “International Music Industry Awards.” Braun only continues to rise along with the Top 5 Managers in the game.

Lyor Cohen

Lyor Cohen, 57, has actively involved himself in Hip-Hop and Rap culture representing artists spanning for more than 3 decades. Three of the most notable artists under Cohen’s representation are Young Thug, Fetty Wap, and Migos.

A recent success has been added under Cohen’s belt when he was named “Global Head of Music,” at YouTube, the world’s top video sharing site. Complex Magazine issued an article primarily based on Cohen’s predicting the rise of Young Thug, prominently stating,

“If there was a shadowy Illuminati controlling the world of Rap, Lyor Cohen would be its all-seeing eye, the man behind the scenes, pulling the strings of the most powerful players and reaping the benefits.” If this doesn’t put Lyor Cohen on the Top 5 Managers in the game, I can’t picture what else would!

Kevin "Coach K" Lee

Kevin “Coach K” Lee currently sits with a cool 92.3K followers on Instagram as he continues to work with and represent some of your favorite names today. Those names include Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, Lil Yachty, Migos and Rich The Kid. Coach K is the co-founder of Quality Control (QC) Records, which is home to hitmakers Migos and OG Mako.

Considering himself a “grown hipster,” Coach K dipped his hands in some of the trap music you probably listen to everyday or while you’re turning up with your friends! He continues to take part in the underground trap representation while maintaining a secure spot as one of the Top 5 Managers in the game.   

Pusha T

GOOD (Getting Out Our Dreams) Music Inc., named Pusha T, 39, “President,” in 2015. Pusha remains consistent managing Kanye West’s famous label. GOOD Music currently represents big names like Big Sean, Desiigner, Kacy Hill, Teyana Taylor and Tyga. With a position like this, Pusha T also continues to strive under the company as President as each of these artists continue to release smash hits today.

Mike Will Made-IT

Michael Lens Williams II, “Mike WiLL Made-It”, 28, has successfully made his name known in many of his produced songs.

If you are unaware, he recently dropped his “Ransom 2,” which features one of his produced artists, Rae Sremmurd, and many other well know artists in the game that are mentioned in this very article. Mike WiLL Made-It continues to drive in this industry with all of your favorite hits that we’ll probably be talking to our grandchildren about. What a story those hits would be, right?

These managers and producers continue to wow us everyday with their artists elevated success. While the music industry keeps booming with hits everyday, we have to give props to these guys for making these artists continue their amazing work. Recognizing behind the scenes work for the music industry is a solid step to becoming music enthusiast and much more.