Lil Yachty Preps Us For Teenage Emotions With Two New tracks "Peek A Boo" And "Harley"

With all the great unexpected album releases (especially Kendrick Lamar's), It took balls but Lil Yachty just brought out two new tracks Peek A Boo and Harley from his upcoming album Teenage Emotions. "Harley" is more like Lil Yachty's sound.

It has a whimsical childlike beat which is what made him famous in the first place. It is a summer like tune that sounds like driving down the PCH. 

Playing against what he's used to is exactly what Lil Yachty did in his new track "Peek A Boo". It's against everything the artist stands for. He normally likes to create catchy sounds that remind him of childhood innocence.

In "Peek A Boo" he instead transforms himself into a trap rap artist going rhyme for rhyme against Migos. He still sounds like himself in certain parts when he can be his goofy self, but you can sense his tenseness in the track.

As for Migos who have been blowing up the scene were due up for a mistake soon and this track almost did it for them. Yachty just doesn't seem himself of this track especially with the great collaborations he did last year.

It seems that Yachty is better when an artist can come step in his world and create something rather than him stepping out into the unknown space he isn't familiar with.