XXXTENTACION honestly addresses his beef with Drake

XXXTENTACION, fresh out of jail, delivered an extremely honest interview with 103.5 along with a 12 min Q&A with fans on periscope. The moody lyricist spoke on how he missed his fans more than anything. He ever decided to take a moment to talk to his older fans, in relations to new fans, to remind them that they are all a family. He stated to old fans, not talk down on new fans for not knowing his older music and to guide them so both groups can come together as the community that XXXTENTACION always envisioned. 

Upon his release he was put on probation for his charges. The man even changed his twitter avi to his probation card. He did mention his plans on a couple projects. He also called out Drake for stealing his music. His words were,

“He’s not a man. I think he’s a bitch, that’s a bitch move.”

He said he would've been fine if he even came to his court hearing, but he didn't and to him it was very disrespectful. He claims that Drake isn't in it for the culture but more for the money. 

See the full interview with 103.5 below.