Lana Del Rey has us all Lusting for "Lust For Life"

Most nights she's usually found at home perched high above the swirling chaos of the City of Angels right between the H of the Hollywood sign. Here resides the girl that forms fire in her bare palm and pulls from thin air musical project ingredients that include; the galactic cosmos, Weeknd XO's, moons, and Chimeras, of which she marries together within a simple silver whilst thinking of prepping something spicy and bitter that is ultimately sweet. 

She appears to be some wild and clever mix of a vintage sci-fi meets perfectly winged eye fashion goddess in a precious film noir world of her own cultivation. She's obviously quite fond of reawakening the golden era definition of glamour which originally meant witchcraft, only hers comes coupled with a spiritually responsible third eye wide opened twist.

This is the one and only Lana Del Rey.

Whilst glaring at her velvet bow, mild smile, and perfect middle part one must remember that this is the girl that gives you amber colored drinks in old fashioned glasses, Tigers by each side as she fearlessly sings "Born To Die', 'Shades of Cool', perfect ruby tips and two twinkling tattooed tear drops with an orchestra backdrop.

She places A$AP Rocky as an updated JFK for her "National Anthem" and she has no issue with standing serenely before a mic majestically crooning about being young & in love whilst being draped in a 60s statement look of daises in her hair and a white Chantilly Lace dress looking like a fly young Nancy Sinatra in her prime. 

She's the girl that has provided the brutal honeymoon and dark synths that place an utterly romantic and captivating aura around depressive moods and melancholic moments. Each hit feels like a kiss that keeps you calling for more and now she's prettying up to bring you her latest offering. "Lust For Life."

Coming Soon...