The ever cryptic process of life at times works like this: You have a father with whom you have a strained relationship with growing up. You being to form a connection with him at the age of 18 only for him to pass before the connection can blossom into it's full promise.

You mourn the loss of his life & wish for more time with him. As such you write a record titled just that, "Time." Said record is then sampled by Toronto native Boi-1da for the closing record on Drake's "More Life" project which just so happens to feature an image of his father as the cover. This record, about your father, sampled on a Drake project, then finds a way to bring more life to you as people begin asking who the hell you are and manically researching your name and music in order to catch your vibe.

As such something new is now birthed within your world as your star begins to ascend. And so goes the process of life. At least for Sweden native, LA based Snoh Aalegra.

But just who is Snoh Aalegra? This seems to be the question currently dancing on lips aplenty. And well here's what I've gathered thus far:

Snoh (pronounced Snow); a cinematically cathartic independent soul artist with a penchant for comic book visuals and smoky vocal stylings belonging somewhere within the Alicia Keys meets Amy Winehouse family. With a body of work that the Handsome Boy Modeling School would approve of, this girl's a bit of an unexpected strong retro wave musical offering not oft found just casually trotting around American streets these days, which is probably why she's one of the hottest Perisian Swede imports.

A Prince protege and Bille Holiday enthusiast or at the very least enthusiastic enough to borrow Billies classic song title, "Don't Explain" for her last project, which boast production from No. I.D & host a feature from 1500 or Nothin's own James Fauntleroy.

It seems Snoh oft finds herself in good company, as her Insta-feed displays an image of her virtually cheek to cheek with one Mr. Quincy Jones and her song catalog seats her with the production stylings of Wu-Tang's RZA on a 2015 single release titled, "Emotional". She signed her first deal at the age of 14 with Sony but has ultimately flown the major label coupe and taken control of both herself and her art.

She counts amongst her influences Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Walt Disney, and Spielberg soundtracks. With the looks of 90's Yasmeen Ghauri meshed with a modern day Eva Longoria, impeccable fashion street star style, a misfit attitude, a chic indie darling approach, and a demeanor that puts her across as being all at once vulnerable and brazen, confident and shy, Snoh Aalegra is one who will definitely give you all of the feels, literally as her latest project, due out this month, is titled just that, 'Feels'

My advice: Grab your headphones, close the door, pour a glass of some divine libation, tell the world to "Do Not Disturb" and fully give yourself over to a Snoh storm in spring to truly learn just Who is Snoh Aalegra.