Lana Del Rey And The Weeknd Releases Eerie Video For Lust For Life

Lana Del Rey's new song  “Lust for Life” has made a robust debut for an imminent pop smash hit: a duo with a chart flame featuring the Weekend, (Abel Tesfaye), is a ballad by songwriter Max Martin. Would this, feasibly, be the anthem that forces Del Rey out of the “indie” music genre forever and possibly toward a more avant gard form of standard universality?

Anyone who has listened to the radio in the past two years is aware of Tesfaye’s vocals, but from hearing the first few lines, “Lust for Life”is genuinely Del Rey style.. “Climb up the H  / Of the Hollywood sign,” Del Rey chants in a compacting low voice.

It is the title track for her forthcoming album makes up a big portion of what is being said about the new venture. Similar to her previous songs, Lust for Life has been cloaked thus far  as an enigma. 

Del Rey has also been rumored to be collaborating with musicians like John Lennon's son toCourtney Love.  

Other than that, producers of song were very low key about their quandary in the project.