Lana Del Rey Blesses Us With "Summer Bummer" and Groupie Love Feat Asap Rocky

Lana Del Rey has released a set of surprise tracks with A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carticompletely coming from left field. 

“Groupie Love” and “Summer Bummer” features Lana’s wonderful vocal ability, but the tracks are laced with a Hip-Hop heavy groove. The two tracks are backed with A$AP Rocky’s street cred that can bang in the clubs and has a pop appeal. 

“Summer Bummer” begins with Lana singing in her melodic tones. Lana teases us in the beginning, then the bass drops. Flacko then opens up verse 2 with his lavish Pretty Boy cadence meshed with Playboi Carti’s famous “What” adlibs: 

“Her sophistication make you wanna quit the bitch you dating. Lets skip the games, lets quit the playing, boo lets get acquainted.” 

“Groupie Love” begins the same way.  Lana clearly wants us to know that she has not sold her soul to go gold, she still has her vocals, and she is not going to leave them behind.  One can only wonder if Lana is also trying to get her core fan base to slowly take a hold of this new style by leading them into the song with her strong vocals.  This song also features A$AP Rocky. This song has more of an acoustic type of feel, with a simple beat and strings.  

“Groupie Love” isn’t as in your face as “Summer Bummer.”  Also, the title can be a bit misleading. We all know what groupie love is, right?  Lana takes a common expression within the entertainment business, particularly with the Hip Hop culture, and turns it into more of an expression of love.    

Lana Del Rey has also collaborated with The Weekend on her new album, Lust for Life, which is set to be released on July 21.