Kendrick Lamar Brings Eerie Vibes With Rihanna In LOYALTY Music Video


We were first told by King Kendrick Lamar to sit down and be humble, now he’s talking to us about loyalty. Then, he told us everything that’s in his DNA. Now, the king teaches us about loyalty.  Kendrick Lamar released his music video for “LOYALTY” off of his new album. The song features Rihanna, who’s also been making a lot of noise with collaborative efforts with Drake and DJ Khaled.  

The video was directed by the legendary Dave Meyers. If you don’t know who Dave Meyers is, I need you to Google his name. He’s probably behind some of your favorite artists most classic music videos. 

Dave has won the MTV “Video of the Year” award with his work with Missy Elliot’s “Work It” and a Grammy for best music video with her song “Lose Control.” Why is all of this significant?  Dave Meyers is a West Coaster and has worked with West Coast rap legends, such as E-40, Xzibit, Kurupt, and Snoop Dogg, just to name a few. Kendrick reps the West Coast in a serious way and having the likes of Meyers direct this video is very fitting. 

The music video has over 30 million views to date. From the start of the video, we can see Meyers’ awkward and artistic aesthetic that’s so commonly seen in his videos. Kendrick sits in a fancy chair with half naked women dancing around him. He has a blindfold on and isn’t fazed by the atmosphere of sex around him.

Midpoint through the video, Kendrick dangles Rihanna off of the side of a building, seemingly to show how much Rihanna trusts in him. It ends with Kendrick and Rihanna trashing an expensive new car and them laughing about it, as to show how little a couple needs to be happy with each other.  

The combination of the song’s message and Dave Meyers’ genius can make this the hottest video of the summer.