Three Magical Bonus Tracks Have Surfaced to Jay Z's "4:44"


The legend himself, Jay-Z, has shocked the world with his socially conscious, deeply personal album 4:44.  The original release was through Jay-Z’s company, Tidal, through online streaming.  The album was exclusively released, then made available through Apple Music and Amazon Music, but not Spotify, of course.  Fans of the album will be satisfied to know that bonus tracks have been released. 

Three bonus tracks, “Adnis,” “Blue’s Freestyle/We Family,” and “MaNyfaCedGod” was only available on physical copies of the album, but have now been released through Tidal.  The video for “Adnis” has been released that features the talented Mahershala Ali, the star of the hit movie “Moonlight.” The song is a personal one for Jay-Z, chronicling his birth and the absence of his father.  The song is under three minutes. 

The video shows Mahershala shadowboxing and preparing for what looks like a boxing match. “Blue’s Freestyle/We Family” features Jay-Z’s elder child freestyling.  Cute. “MaNyfaCedGod” features artist James Blake.  

Jay-Z is going on tour for his new album, which starts on October 27.