Changin’ Wit Wikipedia


A cascading, rhythmic drum beat and deep base make you pause a moment. What is this…what is this new sound I’m hearing outta tha speakers? 

‘Oh it can’t be that great,’ your inner critic goes on, prepared to hate on anything new. Just wait till she sings. Some seconds in, the low pitch non-stop harmonies begin. 

The way Jean Deux drops a soulful rap in one of her popular songs ‘Wikipedia’ is strong proof that she is determined to make her voice unique. If you flipped on the radio and heard Nicki Minaj or Missy Elliot, you would know it was them. Because they have such distinctive voices. The same can be said of this hip hop rap artist from Chicago.

The 21-year-old artist is already making waves on Twitter and Sound Cloud with a combined following topping 35K. She brings some class and energetic verve to a genre of music that is swamped with lyrics about how rich and successful the singer has become. 

Other free-to-play singles she’s released that cut up some master word play include ‘Pressure’ and ‘Stranger Things.’ Some smooth production on these songs reflects a perfectionistic approach MJ would have loved. Another favourite is ‘Chemistry’ feat. Ben Hixon and produced by THEMpeople. It begins with a bit of monologue that puts us right in the recording studio with Deaux. 

“I’m making these low waves right now, but I gotta make every single fuckin’ wave count,” she says before jumping into a lyrical echo, multi-sound layered hip hop track.

If you follow her on twitter of genesis she is no stranger to heartache and pain. It’s that right there that puts a little extra soul into everything she sings. Last month she was also interviewed about ‘Wikipedia’ by HNHH where she had this to say:

“People are going to try and tell you who you are every step of the way, they'll even knock you down to convince you. But you get stronger every time you get up on your feet and continue walking in your own truth."

Let’s hope Jean Deaux keeps walkin’ her own truth because her music’s hot. 

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