See why Neaks is Raising the Bar for Hip-Hop Artists in 2018 with Newest Release


The LA-based rapper/singer/dancer, who has secured fashion accounts from LA to Tokyo with his Tastemaker Collective team and is currently finishing his debut EP, sets the tone for the Hip-Hop in 2018 with a track that shakes the soul. Taking a non-traditional approach, Neaks speaks with a wisdom that reminds us how vast Hip-Hop truly is.

Over funky synth and smooth guitar, he puts that voice to good use on his new song “Deep in the Soul,” a rebellious celebration that we can all relate to. "Sometimes you don't see when you're deep in the hole...I know it cus we was so deep in the soul..

Speaking some peace that most people don't know...," Neaks gives us an honest insight into his own struggles and reminds us how we can easily let ourselves forget our status and expectations when we are completely submerged in the soul. "A person's status and popularity are irrelevant compared to one's purpose. Deep in the soul is where the 'magic' happens.

With no thought. Just feeling," says Neaks. 

Neaks’ previous release, “Wit My Team,” had a much more acoustic rock sound than the edgy “Deep in the Soul,” but Neaks has the range to pull it off. The dim-lit scenery depicted in “Wit My Team” felt mysterious yet safe, but with the help of iconic videographer, Nir Goldsberg, the "Deep in The Soul" video has a confidence and vibe that fits the song’s groove just perfectly. The emotional journey Neaks takes in this video allows it to work as a new-school kind of rebellious rock-influenced song, full of carnal tension and vulnerability.