Massive Inauguration protest comes to halt with police injured and over 200 arrested.

In the days since Donald Trump was inaugurated, there are peaceful protests happening all over the world but there are some individuals who used vandalism and violence to get their point across.

Protesters in Washington had a chaotic confrontation when protesters began to throw rocks, bottles, flares and unknown liquids at officers. The police used pepper spray and stun grenades on the crowd.

Six officers were hurt in the confrontation and 217 people were arrested. According to Interim Police Chief Peter Newsham, protesters were armed with crow bars and hundreds of people destroyed storefronts and damaged vehicles.

During an anti-Trump march in New Orleans on Friday, a group of protesters split off from the group and vandalized several buildings, hit a police officer with a brick and injured another’s knee, and trashed two police cruisers.

According to NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison, the protest was peaceful.
“We always want to get the message out that we allow people to protest peacefully when they want to exercise that right,” Harrison said. “What we are not going to tolerate is acts of violence and acts of vandalism.”

14 individuals were arrested in New Orleans and all of them have been booked with inciting riot and wearing masks. 11 will face felony criminal damage to property charges. Three face misdemeanor battery on a police officer charges for resisting arrest. The individual accused of hitting an officer with a brick faces felony battery on a police charge.